Earthquake charity event


📢 Executive Summary 📢

In response to the recent disaster in Taiwan, we’re launching a charity event to provide vital support!

Join us in making a difference. Every contribution, no matter how small, adds up to make a significant impact! ✨

Our goal is to create a charity book featuring AI artists and establish a sustainable donation process for ongoing support.

To participate:

1️⃣ Declare your involvement in the comments below.
2️⃣ Help spread the word and support us with likes and comments.
3️⃣ Subscribe to the book and join our charity community.

Let’s unite our efforts and create a lasting impact!
Thank you for your generosity and support! 🙏

📝 Plans for this initiative 📝

①Create a special book featuring AI artists.
②For each ‘like’ this post receives, we will donate an additional 10 yen.

①Create a special book featuring AI artists.

  • Each artist will provide a personal introduction and up to four pieces of their work.
  • The book and a dedicated website will introduce these AI artists.
  • All profits will be donated as relief funds.

②For each ‘like’ this post receives, we will donate an additional 10 yen.

We would like to feature 20 to 50 AI artists per book and hope to produce at least four volumes. Your participation is key! (There are plenty of AI artists, so we can do it!)

A community has also been established on X to exchange information and quickly mobilize aid in case of disasters. More details will be shared within the charity community (if there are participants not on X, we might consider using Discord).

➤ How to participate:

  • Declare your participation on this post

➤ Requests for support:

  • Participate in the event (starting with one illustration is fine)
  • Help spread the word at the start of the event, and support us with likes and comments
  • Reach out to other AI artists you know
  • Subscribe to the book (within a reasonable extent)
  • Join the charity community


Finally, I would like to appeal to everyone for their cooperation. Each of your individual contributions, no matter how small, can collectively become a powerful force when united. ✨

This event is designed not just as a one-time effort but from a long-term perspective that will continue to be beneficial. We aim to create a charity book and set up a system where donations can accumulate over time.

The more donations we receive, the more help we can provide. However, we are committed to creating a fun and low-burden way for participants to contribute, much like gathering energy for a “Spirit Bomb.”

This charity will initially support Taiwan, but we plan to also set aside funds that can be quickly mobilized in the event of future disasters.

With the support of Amazon (through their unlimited reading program), we are building a system to collect these donations. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Please lend us your strength!


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